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Portrait with Fab

I have something special planned: a streaming portrait course ... and my model could be you!

I will make the portrait live with Carbothello, explaining each step: you will be able to observe me while I paint, learn some interesting tricks and (why not ?!) paint step by step with me.

This will be the first portrait course, but you should know that other portrait courses will follow, also in color, with pastels and acrylics.

How can I sign up for the course to follow it live?

To participate in this initiative, you must be enrolled in the Green Level on my Patreon.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the course by sending me a private message on my website, on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) or an e-mail: I will inform you of the payment methods for the participation fee and I will provide you with the link to access the live broadcast.

I remember that only supporters enrolled in the Green Level, in addition to participating in the portrait course, will also have the opportunity to be a model by sending me a photograph of them.

The one who has taken the photograph selected for the course will be able to win the portrait, which, once finished, will be sent free to the home of the person portrayed!

Among all the photographs that will come to me, I will select the one that I will consider most inspiring and that will respect the requirements described in this article.

When will the course be held?

The first live lesson will be on Tuesday October 26 October at 6 pm.

Requirements for submitting your photograph:

  • Each participant can send only one photograph in the period between Monday 11 October and Wednesday 20 October to the e-mail address indicated in a post that I will publish on Patreon

  • The photograph must portray the participant and must be original and truthful (no images downloaded from the web)

  • Since we will only use a few Carbothellos during the video course, the photograph must be in black and white or in sepia tones.

  • The photograph must be interesting from an artistic point of view, that is, be characterized by a beautiful shot and by lights that generate suggestive chiaroscuro; in addition, the photograph must enhance the face of the subject depicted, therefore the face must be in the foreground with a simple background with few details

  • The photograph can be taken with a smartphone or camera, by yourself or by a photographer

  • The photograph must be in high resolution (300 dpi)

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