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Shipping is free in Italy for a minimum purchase of  € 200 and in other countries for a minimum purchase of € 300


In this section you will find my paintings, my studies and my drawings, you can observe them in detail and find out more about them  history  and the meaning they have for me.  


It is possible to buy them in the form of  high resolution printing , to maintain a great level of detail.


Frame, framing and shipping costs are not included.


Are you interested in  original ?


After years of studying painting, I began to produce original paintings, the result of visions, dreams, ideas and projects. Paintings made with the desire to tell stories, to investigate the unknown, to make a little shiver run through the veins. I hope you like them.​


Drawing and painting for me is a daily fact, which implies the pleasure of trying my hand at something I love, but also discipline and diligence in wanting to keep active, able and constantly perfect myself. Drawing and painting means knowing.

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