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Online Portrait Classes on The Sorcerer

Lately, interest in my work has grown unexpectedly: more and more people are sharing my paintings on social networks and keep asking me to reveal the secrets of pastel painting, a painting technique that never ceases to charm me and that I love deeply.

In the last 10 years I have held numerous pastel painting courses in my city and other cities in Italy. During some of these classes, my students have learned how to paint the subjects of my paintings, being actively involved in the learning process and showing great enthusiasm.

So, why not introduce the protagonists of my paintings to my online students as well?

For the first time I will hold a portrait video course live online; the subject will be one of the most evocative and mysterious characters that I have painted (which will also be part of my exhibition next year): "The Sorcerer".

With this pastel painting video course I want to allow everyone not only to observe me while I paint, as already happens during Instagram’s lives, but also to paint step by step with me, ask questions and satisfy curiosities about pastel painting.

Many of you have never used pastel pencils and chalks or are still getting to know these extraordinary tools and need more time to look closely at the reference, draw the sketch and refine the details.

However, this is not a problem: after the live it will be available the recorded broadcast.

Remember that pastel painting is not a race: everyone can take their time.Your own pace is the right one.

General organization of the video course

This portrait course includes several lessons of 1:00 h each; the first lesson will be on December 30th at 19:00. Every month I will broadcast a new lesson.

During these lessons I will teach you how to approach every section of this painting: we will start by drawing the sketch of the Sorcerer's face, proceeding to the study of chiaroscuro with pastel pencils and bringing out the unique intensity of the colors with chalks. We will also study how to paint a realistic beard and how to make the velvet look soft.

The explanations will also be given in English and Spanish: I do not speak these languages ​​very well, but I will do my best to let you understand me. Attendees are more than welcome to help me translate what will be said live. I would like to involve my followers and supporters from abroad even more.

Furthermore, after the live broadcast, the recorded lessons will be subtitled in 5 languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) within a few days.

The subject

Dagar the Scholar is the Sorcerer of a dark age, a symbol of knowledge, integrity and strength of the spirit. His figure pops out a dense and enveloping darkness.

This evocative atmosphere will allow us to better observe the lights and study the colors, playing with them and making them even more vibrant thanks to the pastel technique.

How to participate

This course is open to everyone, from every country and at any level (my 'Green Level’ Patreon supporters will have automatic access to this course). In order to participate, just send me a direct message on my social pages (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) or via e-mail to register. I will transmit the payment methods for the participation fee and I will provide the link to access the live broadcast. After a successful registration, I will send you a link for downloading the high resolution reference we will be using and the list of required materials.

If you have doubts about the course’s materials, you can check this video or write your question as a comment on this article; I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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