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Year : 2020

Technique : Pastel on paper

Dimensions of the original : 70x70 cm


  • Dagàr the learned, the Sorcerer of a dark age, in which knowledge was the only way to keep human integrity and the strength of his spirit steadfast, dissipated over time by frivolous and self-indulgence. The Sorcerer is part of a series of paintings that I conceived to tell stories, and which I presented at my first solo show. I wanted to create something powerful, suggestive, enveloping, where the subjects emerge from a dense darkness, to create an occult (in the sense of hidden) and evocative atmosphere. The viewer's mind is pushed to reconstruct what is not there, stimulated to imagine what is not known. I played a lot with colors, and with lights, made vibrant by the great potential of pastels, which I love very much and which allow great strength of color, made even more brilliant by the contrast with the darkness.

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